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Green Features

Santa Cecilia is proud to offer environmentally-friendly living to its residents with the following amenities throughout the their units and the property. You can also click here for a handy guide to green living.  


  • ENERGY STAR dishwasher and refrigerator
  • High efficacy lighting throughout unit
  • Water-Efficient faucet

Living area

  • High performance windows that decrease heating/cooling loads
  • High performance/efficient HVAC heat pump system controlled by thermostat
  • Outside Air circulated through HVAC systems to avoid stagnant air throughout unit
  • CO monitors throughout unit


  • WaterSense High-Efficiency toilets
  • Water-efficient faucets and showers
  • ENERGY STAR exhaust fans with humidistat


  • Paints all low VOC
  • Carpet and flooring is sustainable and low emissions

Overall site: landscape

  • Drought tolerant plants
  • No turf
  • High efficiency irrigation reduce water use
  • Site is in close proximity to local resources and public transportation